Calculating working hours for Epic/Story/Tasks

While using a view with logged work on specific issue, you can also calculate all working hours spent on its sub-tasks. you can do it simply by clicking button  from toolbar above the timetable.

Please take a look at below examples:

  1. We have a story AS-5 with two sub-tasks AS-11 and AS-12. Worklog for AS-5 is empty as per below:

Both sub-tasks have logged hours: 3 hours per AS-11 and 2 hours per AS-12.

When we click on "Calculate stories/sub-tasks" button, hours logged on sub-tasks will appear on workload timetable for this story:

2. We have a task AS-25 with sub-task AS-27:

Sub-task AS-27 has 4,5 hours logged:

Task AS-25 has no time logged for itself:

After clicking  button you will get below:

3. Last but not least, epic case - we have an epic AS-22 which has story AS-5 and task AS-25 among others:

Epic doesn't have any hours logged for itself, but when you click on "Calculate stories/sub-tasks" button, all hours logged for sub-tasks from its stories and tasks will be visible:

If you should have any doubts about which hours are displayed in worklog timetable, please use "Refresh" button from the toolbar. Then data will be refreshed and shown only for the issue itself.