User Guide

After choosing an issue to display, you will find Worklog History part of the screen:

It is default collapsed – to expand it, simply click on it:

Please note that in case of Agile project, app will not be visible on Backlog or Active sprints view – you have to open the issue in new window to see Worklog History.

Please also note that in calendar each week is starting from Monday.

As for time display, please note that all numbers are displayed with an accuracy of one decimal place.

If you have turned on Time Tracking in Jira then some time values (eg. 1d 4h) are calculated according to this setting.  

By default, timetable is set on current date, and table shows all users that logged their time on given issue, with different data for each of them, for current month.

You can change date and time of this view, using different tools from the toolbar:

Below table contains description of these tools:


Moves one month before current one
Moves one month after current one
Moves timetable to current month
Shows data only for current user
Refreshes data regarding users and logged work

Calculates logged work from sub-tasks.

More information here.

As for timetable, it shows all work logged by users, in given month. Additionally it shows sums for weekly, monthly and all work logged for given issue, for given users and for all of them in totals.

In first row, you will find name of displayed month and all days of it:

In next three rows of the timetable, you can see totals for each day of given week, total for current week and total for current month. Please take a look at below example:

In the following columns, for each user mentioned in first column you can see work logged in given week (column W), given month (column M) and all work logged for this issue by this user (column Σ) - followed by columns with each day of chosen month and amount of work logged in each of it. Please take a look at below example:

Please note that above the list of users you will find field where you can filter users by their name. Please take a look at below example:

At default, timetable shows first days of the month, if you need to see the rest of them, simply use the scroll bar:

All data in the timetable will change according to chosen options in the toolbar.