Dashboard gadgets

Please note that this functionality is available only in PRO version.

If you need quick and convenient access to your favorite Status viewer, you can add it in form of gadget directly on your dashboard.

Let's prepare a new dashboard to show how to do it. In order to do so, you have to choose "Manage dashboards" from the top menu:

On the next screen you click on "Create new dashboard" button:

Then you fill up needed fields and save your dashboard using "Add" button:

You can switch to this new dashboard using top menu or "Manage Dashboards" list.

We've created blank dashboard on which we will add our gadget with a "Add gadget" button or "add new gadget" link:

On the list of available gadgets, please find "Status History PRO Gadget" and select it with "Add gadget" button:

After that, you will get your gadget placed on the dashboard, as per below:

At default, gadget shows first saved viewer, you can change it for different one clicking on the arrows on the right side of the list and save the setting using "Save" button:

Then your gadget will show data from selected viewer in last saved configuration:

You can adjust this gadget to your needs using set of icons:

First one allows you to drag and drop gadget in any given place on your dashboard; second one expands the gadget on whole dashboard; the third one has a few useful adjustments:

You can edit (change selected viewer) or delete it from dashboard. You can also change its color. With a "Minimise" you can switch it to one-line gadget:

You can add several gadgets on your dashboard:

With "Refresh" button next to viewer's name, you can upload up-to-date data if it was changed in the same time by different user.

Using a dashboard gadget, you can share your private viewer with other Jira users, without giving them option to edit your viewer configuration. They will see data from the viewer on the gadget, but after they click "Go to status viewer" they will get message " You don't have permission to do this operation".

Please note that in some situations gadget can show "Loading..." instead of data from the viewer. In that case, please refresh the page in your browser.

Please do not insert too many gadgets on one dashboard. It may cause issues with performance of your Jira instance.