Lime Trees Status History

Analyze the history of statuses and users changes in time,

using interactive table and timeline,

in simple way, on demand,

directly on your issue

Status History


Expanded table


View changes in statuses and users in time,

using timeline

View history of changes in statuses,

with all users working on the issue,

using expanded table

Configure app to your needs,

using configuration options

More details:

  • View statuses and users changes in form of timeline
    • Zoom in and zoom out
    • Move to the past and move to the future
    • Fit all changes on timeline
    • Focus on selected status
    • Refresh data (on demand, without page reload)
    • Show status as a dot (for short time-lenght statuses), configurable by user
    • Show statuses with exceeded time, configurable by user
  • View statuses and users details in table
    • Presentation of date and time format configurable by user
    • Show how long user worked in given status
    • Show total time of given status
    • Show total time for users
  • Move from selected status on timeline to details in table
  • Possibility of turning on/off timeline and table for the issue