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The main purpose of this article is to present the possibility of the Link Finder plugin  app and to show how to solve problems that often appear as a question of Jira users. In this article we show you how to use Link Finder with JQL (Jira Query Language) advanced searching.


Advanced Search is a search mode which allows you to search issues using JQL Query mechanism. This type of search is intended for advanced Jira users who know the JQL Query language. But this mechanism is most powerful when you want to search by advanced criteria. You can use in this mode logical operators, Jira fields and functions (predefined or extended by other pluginsapps). The last possibility is significant from the point of view of using Link Finder plugin app. What is the JQL function? It is an extension of the JQL language, which allows you to extend the Jira search engine for more advanced capabilities. For example, you can search for data that can not be found using JQL query.

Link Finder

It is a plugin an app which is extension of Jira Query Language. It provides specialized JQL functions which allows you to realize more advanced query and finds data which you can not find using pure JQL Query. Link Finder focuses on linked issues, remote links and Agile type projects. Allows you to search for data such as linked issues, remote links, epics, issues.

Below we present the possibilities of this plugin app with examples.

Linked Issues Queries


When you have installed Link Finder plugin app you can get linked issues using linkFinder function. This function takes two arguments query or filter and association (link type) which is optional. Example how to get in simple way all linked issues in given project is shown below.



If you need more Agile functions check out our Epic Finder plugin app